Parts of a Ship

Examine the photomosaic of the shipwreck and read the parts of a ship. Then drag and drop the teal boxes containing the words to the shipwreck next to what they describe.

Northerner mosaic courtesy of the Wisconsin Historical Society

AFT CABIN is correct!
BOW is correct!
BOWSPRIT is correct!
FOREMAST is correct!
HATCH is correct!
MAINMAST is correct!
PORT is correct!
STARBOARD is correct!
STERN is correct!
WINDLASS is correct!

Parts of a Ship

Aft Cabin

Square cabin structure at the stern of a ship.


Spar or pole that extends from the bow of a ship that is used to carry sails and support the mast.


The forward most mast on a sailing vessel with two or more masts.


The principal (main) mast on a ship with two or more masts. It is usually the tallest mast and is aft of (behind) the foremast.


Winch used to raise and lower a ship's anchor.

Parts of a Ship


The front of a ship.


Square or rectangular opening in the ship's deck for loading and unloading cargo.


The left side of a ship, when facing the bow.


The right side of a ship, when facing the bow.


The back of a ship.